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Welcome from The Editor
Each New Year we usually have thoughts and good intentions of resolutions that affect our lives. Sometimes the resolution deals only with self. Other times it might include the work environment, family,discipline or some other matter with the ultimate goal of getting better, being better or doing better. At this time of resolution for 2001, I feel it is important that everyone resolve to do something. Whether on the court or off of the court, any positive act we do can make the world and the people’s lives that we touch more productive and a little happier. Count your blessings and resolve to do something to help someone else. The mirror will know if you truly did. Happy New Year!


Funny how fast things can change. And with those changes comes a lot of free-falling impact on many different groups. Here is a case in point. In the November 2000 Newsletter (Welcome) I mentioned the five states that played girl's high school basketball in the fall rather than in the winter. Virginia was one of those states. After a lengthy court battle involving 11 girls the judge ruled there was discrimination and ruled to move girl's basketball to the winter. A decision was made in recent weeks by the VHSL Executive Committee to not appeal the ruling. This will align the girl's basketball season beginning in 2003 to be played simultaneously with boy’s basketball. There was a statement from the VHSL executive director that indicated that they “believe this settlement to be in the best interest of all concerned”. They further indicated the general sentiment of the majority of the state high schools (A and AA) is now more favorable to having the girls play in the winter. Additional reasons were to effectively deal with long-distance travel and missed class time, and scheduling competition across group lines as other points of support. School coaches and administrators in the area of the state in which I live have not supported that position (nor does anyone with rational thinking). Administrators have voiced the obvious problems and concerns as it relates to facility and schedule problems, late practices, less and lack of media coverage, and officiating concern.

The officiating concern stems primarily from the fact that the current core of officials will be asked to referee a dual season for boys and girls during a winter season. It is clear that the current number of officials in local associations will not allow this transition to happen without a diminish in quality of service unless a major effort to insure recruitment and training of basketball officials in Virginia is put in place to prepare for 2003. This is the only acceptable solution in order for the players and coaches to be insured that the state will provide non-diminished officiating in girl’s basketball at the A and AA level.

I could have understood the VHSL not pursuing the appeal to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for financial reasons. I do not agree with the ”in the best interest of everyone” statement. This will certainly be a case where the wishes of the few will have a negative affect on the many. Each of us can judge as to whether the court ruling has provided the girl’s in the state of Virginia progress. Time will tell.

And this call will be blatant and obvious.

  Topic of the Month

Here are a few thoughts to assist with play calling.

Keep the play in the half court game and especially below the free throw line extended FREE FLOWING.

Call the:

REROUTES. This occurs when a cutting player is pushed or bumped off of an intended line from point A to point B.
ILLEGAL USE OF HANDS AND FOREARMS. These are often used to impede the progress of a player (usually the dribbler) on plays towards or to the basket.
POST PLAY. This will include dislodging a player from a legally posted up position (offense or defense) clamping, use of knee, hands in the back, and body checks.
SHOOTERS. Be sure to referee the defense. Look for the obvious hit on the shooting arm, but also be aware of pushes into the chest and stomach, taps on the elbow, and walking into or under the airborne shooter.
REBOUNDERS. Make sure that legal position is obtained and that you are aware of which player causes an illegal action.

Use these tips with good CONCENTRATION AND FOCUS and the game will be more efficient.

 Thought for the Month

Add this to your pre-game conferences

There is no limit to what a group can do if the individuals don’t care who gets the credit.

.Holiday Greetings

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Stay well…

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