Personal instruction for beginning and veteran officials, Federation N.C.A.A. and NBA Rules and mechanics studied.


Four former campers currently in the NBA.
One former camper currently in WNBA.


DEAN KEENER is in his fourth year as Head Coach conducts an outstanding team camp in the tradition of past camps.

JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY'S new Sport and Recreation center and state of the art Student center combine to make James Madison University one of the finest facilities in the Southeast.


National Basketball Association Officiating Department Staff

Charlie Neal, Premier Basketball League

Paul Plott, Capital Conference

Tom Salerno, Dixie Conference


"The critique and video instruction were super.."

"...facilities were top notch, the accommodations were first class..."

"The wealth of information was great.."

"...a must for all officials who are serious about this profession..."

"...enthusiasm and suggestions were very valuable and contributed greatly to my improvement..."

"...excellent one-to-one attention."

"The best camp I've ever attended!"


Johanna Sowell, Director

Ed Rush, Guest Clinician - Former NBA referee, Supervisor of Officials in the NBA

George Toliver, Guest Clinician - Supervisor of officials N.B.A.D. League. Sixteen-year referee in the National Basketball Association and an active F.I.B.A. official. Former collegiate basketball referee in the ACC, Metro, Colonial, Southern, Big South, ODAC and Dixie. He has conducted and participated in basketball officiating clinics in the United States and five foreign countries. Officiated in the 1994 World Championships, including the Bronze Medal Game, the 1996 Chinese Basketball Association Professional League Finals, and 1998 United States Basketball League


J. Dallas Shirley, Basketball Hall of Famer
Darrell Garretson, N.B.A. Chief of Staff
Dan Wooldridge, Colonial Athletic Association
Tom Berry, Old Dominion Athletic Conference
Wayne Samford, Dixie Conference
Jim Burch, Southern Conference
Dick Bowie, High School Supervisor
Tony Brothers, N.B.A. staff member
Sean Corbin, NBA
Joe Crawford, N.B.A.
Hugh Evans, N.B.A. staff member
Scott Foster, N.B.A. staff member
Lee Jones, Asst. Director of Officials, N.B.A.
Dee Kantner, Supervisor of Officials WNBA
Leroy Richardson, N.B.A. staff member
Bill Booker, Old Dominion Athletic Conference
Donnie Vaden, N.B.A. staff member
Tom Washington, N.B.A. staff member
Joe Borgia, Supervisor of the Referee Development for the NBDL.
Luis Grillo, M.E.A.C.
Brenda Gelston, Colonial Athletic Association
Sue Blauch, WNBA
Ed Malloy, NBA
Olandis Poole, NBA

Plus staff referees from the Atlantic Coast and Colonial Conferences and WNBA.

Don't miss this opportunity to develop your basketball skills and become the best that you can be!!

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